Mike, helped me buy my first property a great SLC Condo. He was very knowledgeable of the process and had my best interests in mind. He made sure that I understood every potential outcome of a decision I was going to make from finding a home, making an offer and finding a lender. Great SLC Condo.

—— Jake W, SLC

Mike, Helped me buy my first property in Clinton, Utah. I was a single woman worried about not knowing the process to buy a home. He eased my mind and got a great price on a home for me. Very professional and knowledgable.

—— Melissa T.

Mike, listed and sold my home in one day as he priced it right for the market. The process was smooth and painless. He actually got me more than I thought I could get out of it. Very knowledgeable and one of the best agents around, and I have known a few in my time.

—— Patricia R. Holladay, UT

Mike sold my home in less than a week for more than it was listed for. He made the process simple and rewarding. He gave us great ideas. Richard M.–SLC