Here some some steps in buying you should consider:

Make a decision to buy . It can be difficult for some people.
Hire someone
(Me) You need a professional to go up against other professionals like what sports agents do for their clients.
Make sure you secure financing for purchases
. Need to know if you can qualify to buy.

Go out and find a home with agent. Get looking for a home. Walk through properties.
– Make an offer if you find what you want.
– Due diligence
. Seek out a home inspector to review home for any issues. Appraisal etc..
Close on property. Usually using a title company.
Make sure you protect
your purchase by maintaining property. This is your investment.

Here are some steps in selling you should consider

Why are you selling? New job; moving out of town. Need bigger or smaller place?
What are the costs in selling
:Commissions,taxes,closing fees?
: What price is right for area. What kind of market are we in? Seller or buyers market?
Condition of property: What needs to be fixed in order to get full price etc..
Location of property
:Busy or quite area? Close to churches,schools etc..
Accessibility: What is home close to> Freeways, major roads? Shopping,schools?
: What does inside need to look like to sell quickly and for full price?