Mike Pinckney
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer

Identity and Values

The difference between a life that is full of meaning and fulfillment and one that is not,has to do with two crucial things I believe. Identity and values.

Identity is who you perceive you are. Am I smart or Am I dumb? Am I ugly or Am I beautiful? Who do you tell yourself you are? You can choose what to see yourself as.

Am I happy and hold out hope in all circumstances? Are you patient or impatient? Strong emotionally or weak? Depressed or happy? Do you live in fear or are you optimistic and hopeful?

Make sure you are setting yourself up for good things. Make life easier by seeing yourself as one who identifies as one who can change how they see themselves and the things you identify with. Do not leave it to someone else. The past does not equal the future. You have a choice in this. Do not listen to the voices shouting in your ears from the noise of the world. Chart your course for meaning and fulfillment.

You are the captain so you call the shots on these things.

Values drive what is important to you. Honesty, being kind, being on time to all your meetings or appointments. Never late for work. Values drive behavior and what ranks high in your life and what matters the most to you. Love over who has to be right in an argument or do you value peace more than having to be right?

Intelligence,education,money,love,health,harmony,giving and peace. What are your values and in what order?

Write down your indentity and what your top 5 values are. You might start to understand where you are at and why by these two things.