Mike Pinckney
Real Estate Agent

Mike Pinckney – Rock Canyon Real Estate

I am looking forward to helping you purchase or sell your homes in this current marketplace. It takes a knowledgeable skilled person to get the job done with positive results. I offer an extensive back ground as a real estate professional, a past mortgage broker and manager of multi-million dollar offices. I have mentored thousands of people in buying homes. I have worked with Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki and Carleton Sheets as a mentor/coach. I have helped and continue to help people buy their first homes and others to buy investment properties for cash flow. I have worked in valuations for major banks like Wells Fargo;Citi Bank; Bank of America; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to name a few.

I know my way around the real estate business and look forward to helping you realize your dreams as a homeowner, building a future for yourself and your family if you are blessed to have one.

Why you should use me

-It is one of my goals to be your committed ally in negotiating on your behalf.
-Partner looking out for you.
-Personally preview homes in advance.Both in person and on the internet.
-Keep you informed.
-Work for each client personally all the way through the process.
-Take time to understand your lifestyle,needs and wishes.
– Marketing savvy.
-Sell home quickly for full price.
-Price home right for area.
-Knowledge of Real Estate market.

Looking forward to working with you as your agent of success.

Mike Pinckney