Mike Pinckney
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer

Picture/Goal Boards

Picture or goal boards are not new in the area of self improvement or goal setting. It is a tried and true practice that gets results for those who use it as a tool. It should help you get to where you want to be faster if used daily. View as much as possible and become obsessed.

I have used a picture board with great results in my life, so I share this with you. I feel it could be of great value to you.

I just accomplished one of my goals of surfing in Indonesia that was in my picture goal book. I reviewed my book daily. I was not going to be denied.

Many of my clients were introduced to this tool by me in our coaching times together in the beginning of our sessions.

Some clients did not want to try this, as it seemed childish to them. Some felt like they were wasting time and taking time away from finding properties by doing the exercise.

Clearly many needed this exercise. It is always a clients choice what they will do or not do. With some we moved on and focused on what was important to them if they did not see a need.

It all starts from your mental exercises in the quantum field of possibilities. Light and energy needs to be focused. Thoughts have waves of energy that vibrate and have frequencies. The mind can hardly tell the difference between your thoughts when playing a movie in your head over and over and the actual action or event.

My surfing trip to Indonesia was first a mental exercise as I lived far away from the ocean.

I only spent a little time in the ocean before hand. I did a lot of mental preparation by watching others surf the spot using my computer. I  visualized myself surfing the spot in my focus time.

You have to first see yourself doing it, over and over in your mind. It has to be a possibility or you will never take the effort to make it happen with a plan and action.

I first was introduced to the vision or goal boards from Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen many decades ago through the power of focus book.  I am grateful I took it to heart and put it to use. I was doing that as a youngster growing up drawing things and dreaming and visualizing my success in all areas of my life.

I encouraged my clients to use this tool. Some of my clients created picture boards and others did not. I believe the ones who created a picture board and read it daily were more successful in accomplishing their goals.

I do not have the hard numbers or data to back that claim up. I base my opinion on what was said by my clients and from my personal use. It really helped many of my clients achieve some of their goals while I was their coach and mentor. It is worth a try for sure. Many thought it had a huge impact on them and changed their success rate by implementing it into their lives. They felt better focused and aware.

Most people’s mental game needs an upgrade and a major tune-up. For many of us a re-model is needed. Be open to new possibilities. It is something that needs daily work watching and guarding our thoughts and refocusing them on our goals.

Do not focus on the past but the present in your life. You create in the present.

In order to have the picture board be effective you need to read and look at the pictures that represent your goals daily. Do not forget to this.  I would put my picture board or book in my briefcase and I took it to work. I read it on my breaks and at lunch. I really wanted them to come true. Many goals have already been realized and many are on their way to being realized as they are lifetime goals with different time frames.

If you do not want to carry it with you, put it in your car so you can look at it more often when you are out and about. It is a great reminder of your goals and what they look like. It will keep you focused

Many of you are visual like myself. I love using picture/goal  boards and looking at them daily. It keeps me working on what is important to me while I was working for someone else like most people are doing. It kept it in my thoughts and increased the power and energy of being present in the now creating.



  1. Cut out some photos from a magazine or print some photos from the internet.
  2. Get some cardboard poster boards large enough or a composition book to write your goals out and then glue or tape your pictures right by your goals.
  3. Take action. Start working your plan.
  4. Read them twice a day minimum.
  5. Never stop reviewing them until accomplished.

You can add goals and pictures any time to your picture or goal board.

An Inner GPS

Please experiment upon these words.

If you need to make decisions and we all do, consider following this course of action in all things you do. It is solely your choice. Whether it be business, family time, spiritual work or adventure.

Light is truth and pure energy. This light brings life to all things. Light is in all things and it’s the power source of all things.  Light is not darkness it is truth.  We all have this light within us, therefore a potential powerful energy source of truth to be tapped into. As you choose this light you will be a great source of positive energy for the world. This light is the power of the sun, moon, stars and the earth we live on. It is what powers us, and all things seen and unseen.

Thoughts are energy. If followed with action it can produce beautiful things like art, products, services and companies and places to live. Society is built around our thoughts. The list goes on and on. Thoughts produce the kind of life you will live. Thoughts create energy and then we take action and then we will enjoy the fruits of our labor or the outcome. This pattern repeats itself over and over in peoples lives all over the world.

We need to be able to harness our thoughts that move us in the direction we want to go. Be exact in your thoughts. You are in charge of your thoughts. Do not let others control your thoughts. Guard them like your life depends on it. You will recognize who to talk to, what direction to go in, your next step. Have faith and trust this source. Be patient in the timing it will be right. It may not be the timing you were looking for, but it will be right.

Make sure you align thoughts and actions to be with the pure light as much as possible. It is not easy to be patient. You will become better and better over time at it. Do not give up. You will learn step by step. The light will guide you.

Protect your thoughts as an entrepreneur, business person, husband, wife and individual in all you do. Tap into the source of all knowledge. This light emanates from the source of all life from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space. It is the law that governs all things everywhere. Why would you search anywhere else? Once you have found the source of all truth seek it daily, hourly and every minute of the day. Stay in its influence as long as you can. Be grateful for it.

If you want to change the world stay in the light and you will change first. Then you are in a position to help change your community and then world.

Do not let the media pollute your thoughts and shape your opinions. This light will tell you what is right and true. You have to ask and listen and wait. It is a still small voice that brings a good warm familiar feeling. It will bring strokes of genius and understanding will come to you.There is no better feeling in life.

Be wise and seek that light for clarification and guidance. When we quite the mind and listen and ponder we draw closer to this light and power and we become a tool for good in the world. This light energy is extremely powerful and it can quicken your understanding and expand your vision and outlook. It reveals things you never had imagined before.

This force can bring love into all your creations from thought if you follow it. You will want to serve others only because it feels like the right thing to do. You will desire to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and look after the elderly and oppressed and one another.

You will forgive yourself and others. It feels natural to keep expanding and growing and serving. It is the driving force for good in the world. It is the force that is holding the world together through these troubled and trying times now and in the future. Listen and learn and be thankful and obey and you will recieve knowledge from the pure source.

Love is extremely high energy, the highest form. Charity will not fail you. The light and energy of charity will change the world if we let it. It will transform it. It will put us into the frequency to receive more light and energy. Charity is the right choice in our actions. It does the most good.

All inventions and good that has come into the world has come into the world this way.If you follow this light or energy you will make it back to the source of all things.Drink from the source, not down stream in all of your doings.

We all have been given a gift in life and if we do not use it we would be very unwise and unprofitable stewards. Let’s be wise and use this great gift that has been given to us, it is like a GPS for life, do not forget to thank the giver of the gift.

Be grateful in all things, give thanks. Choose your source wisely!


Identity and Values

The difference between a life that is full of meaning and fulfillment and one that is not,has to do with two crucial things I believe. Identity and values.

Identity is who you perceive you are. Am I smart or Am I dumb? Am I ugly or Am I beautiful? Who do you tell yourself you are? You can choose what to see yourself as.

Am I happy and hold out hope in all circumstances? Are you patient or impatient? Strong emotionally or weak? Depressed or happy? Do you live in fear or are you optimistic and hopeful?

Make sure you are setting yourself up for good things. Make life easier by seeing yourself as one who identifies as one who can change how they see themselves and the things you identify with. Do not leave it to someone else. The past does not equal the future. You have a choice in this. Do not listen to the voices shouting in your ears from the noise of the world. Chart your course for meaning and fulfillment.

You are the captain so you call the shots on these things.

Values drive what is important to you. Honesty, being kind, being on time to all your meetings or appointments. Never late for work. Values drive behavior and what ranks high in your life and what matters the most to you. Love over who has to be right in an argument or do you value peace more than having to be right?

Intelligence,education,money,love,health,harmony,giving and peace. What are your values and in what order?

Write down your indentity and what your top 5 values are. You might start to understand where you are at and why by these two things.